Deployment Journey Overview

Companies have more chances to succeed at deploying a time-tracking tool if they use a phased approach. Here is an overview of the three stages we recommend.

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Phase 1_Start

Hi there!

Thanks for choosing Timeneye.

Are you a young start-up or an international company? It does not matter; either way, Timeneye can help you track your time and give you helpful insights and data useful to achieve your business goals! And if you have just stepped foot into the time tracking tools' world, we will guide you step by step!

This resource has been created mainly for medium (50+ employees) and big (500+ employees) companies, but it could benefit anyone who wants to set up the ideal workspace from the start.

The following articles will support you through a Timeneye rollout, whether you're a small or multi-national business.

We recommend rolling out Timeneye in stages, starting with a small group of early adopters, so you can learn about the software and start planning your org-wide deployment. You don't have to wait until you've completed one step before you move to the next. Some organizations may want to roll out all Timeneye features at once, while others may prefer a phased approach.

Here is an overview of the path we recommend:

3 steps bigger

Make sure you are ready

To get ready for your Timeneye rollout, here's what you need to do, whether you are already familiar with time tracking tools or are new to this:

  • Define user scenarios & success criteria

  • Assemble the pilot team

  • Set up your workspace

Tip: If you're new to Timeneye, the best way to get familiar with it is to start using it right away! Sign up for a free 30-day trial, go to our web app and take some product tours and start tracking time on your ongoing projects. You have full access to all our features, our knowledge base, and our support service as well.

Next: Define user scenarios and success criteria.

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