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Connecting your Asana projects to your Timeneye account allows you to efficiently monitor and manage your workload.

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We have developed a native integration for Asana to ensure a seamless connection with Timeneye.

If you're an Admin/Owner of the workspace, you can link Timeneye with Asana in just a few clicks by following this set-by-step guide:

  • link your Asana account to Timeneye;

  • link and import Asana projects;

  • link and import your Asana users;

  • register time directly from Asana.

Linking your Asana projects with your Timeneye account helps you to keep track of your work and register time for your Asana tasks without having to switch between the two apps.

Linking your Asana account to Timeneye

1) Start by linking your Asana account to Timeneye. Open the Integrations section on your account and select Asana.

2) From here, you will be able to manage your Asana integration, users, and projects. Simply click on Link Asana to this account to start linking your Asana to Timeneye.

3) You may be asked to provide your Asana credentials. Then, Timeneye will request permission to retrieve all your Asana information on your projects and users. After that, select the workspace for the integration, and you'll be good to go!

4) You can now start managing your new Asana integration panel. Don’t forget to link or import all your users and projects before tracking time.

Linking and importing Asana projects to Timeneye

First, you must link or import all your projects and users to Timeneye. There are a couple of ways to do it:

How to automatically import/link from Asana

The first option is to use the Sync inside the Manage section:

Every option triggers an Automation feature. To turn them on/off, simply click on the toggle. The options with no toggle are always active by default to guarantee a perfect sync between the platforms:

  • Import projects automatically: imports your Asana projects into your Timeneye Workspace;

  • Link projects automatically: links your Asana projects to the Timeneye ones with the same name;

  • Update projects information automatically: if you edit a project's name in Asana, it's updated in Timeneye, too:

  • Archive projects automatically: if you archive a project in Asana, it's archived in Timeneye, too. If you delete a project in Asana, it's archived in Timeneye, as we never delete projects by default;

  • Import members automatically: Import your Asana team members into your Timeneye Workspace. The team members invited this way will receive an invitation email to Timeneye.

  • Link members automatically: links your Asana team members to the Timeneye ones with the same name.

In the same Sync panel, you can also turn off and on the notifications.

How to manually link/import projects

Otherwise, you can import/link your project and users manually one by one by using the green buttons in the Manage section of the integration:

1) Click on the Projects button from inside the Asana integration panel.

2) To link your Asana projects to an existing Timeneye project, simply select Link and then select the project from the drop-down menu list.

Is your project still outside Timeneye? No problem! You can add it to Timeneye by simply clicking Import.

Since phases are compulsory to track time on Timeneye, all your Asana Sections will be imported inside Timeneye as Phases.

Just so you know, if you create a new project in Asana, the system might take up to 10 minutes to update and make it appear in Timeneye.

To experience a full integration between the two platforms, make sure to connect all your Asana projects and users.

Only admins can set up the Asana integration. You might see an error message if you're not an admin and have yet to connect.

Register time on Asana using comments

Timeneye allows you to register time directly from Asana, commenting on tasks with the time spent on them:

1) Open an Asana task related to a project which is linked to Timeneye;

2) Enter a comment with the amount of time spent on that task (don’t worry if you still haven’t completed the task, you will be able to register more time later by adding more comments). Formats accepted are, for example, “1h15″ or “75min” (see more at the end of this article).

3) That’s it! Once the comment is added, Timeneye will need just a few minutes to process it and register the time you entered into the appropriate project and task.

Supported time formats in Asana comments:

  • 5h20

  • 5hr20

  • 5h20min

  • 5h20m

  • 320min

How will the registered time appear inside Timeneye?

  • Timeneye will save it as an Entry automatically if the task is assigned under a section.

  • If the task is not under a section, it will come up as a Suggestion.

Please note:

Asana has recently added the possibility to Edit comments after publication. Just so you know, if you comment on a task with the duration of time and then edit the comment in Asana, the time entry generated in Timeneye won't be edited.

Register time on Asana by completing tasks

Timeneye also allows you to track time by marking a task as completed: when it is completed in Asana, you will see it appear as a Suggestion.

You'll be able to edit, ignore or accept the suggestion:

Starting a timer inside Asana:

This feature is currently provided by our Timeneye Widget for Google Chrome and the Timeneye Widget for Firefox, and the Timeneye Widget for Microsoft Edge. It adds a little button to start timers inside Asana.

You can download and install the Timeneye widget for:

Once you've installed the Widget, you can go ahead and access your Asana account: click on the little Timeneye clock icon next to the task name to register time.

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