Azure DevOps Integration

Discover the seamless integration of Azure DevOps with Timeneye and effortlessly monitor time spent on your tasks, backlog items, and bugs.

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Written by Sara FoschiniLast update 2 months ago

We have developed a Browser Widget Integration for Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. The Timeneye Browser widget lets you track time from the tools you are already using and in any other place, wherever you are on the web. Now, this integration will let you easily track time for your  Azure DevOps tasks. 

What you need to track time inside Microsoft Project: 

  • The Timeneye Browser Widget 

  • Your Azure DevOps account. 

Connect Microsoft Project and Timeneye 

Step 1) 

In the Timeneye app go to Integrations> Azure DevOps. Download and install the Timeneye Browser Widget on your browser. Once installed, you'll see a small Timeneye icon on your Browser: that's the Widget, ready to be used. 

Before proceeding further, we highly recommend pinning the Timeneye widget to your browser extensions. 

Azure integration

Step 2) 

Go to your Azure DevOps account and log in through the Timeneye Browser Widget.  

If this procedure is successful, you will see time tracking controls appearing next to each task. Sometimes it can be necessary to refresh the page.

azure_time tracking controls

Step 3) 

Click the Timeneye button to open the Register Time dialog and start tracking time on your tasks! 

How to track Time for your Azure DevOps Tasks 

Navigate to your Azure DevOps account and locate the tasks you are currently working on. Once you have successfully installed the Timeneye Widget in your Browser, a convenient button will appear next to your project tasks. Simply click on this button to open the Register Time dialog and effortlessly track your time. 

azure_register time

You have the option to manually enter the time you have spent or start a timer that will accurately track your time while you work. Once you are done, just save it. 

All the time tracking will be safely stored in Timeneye, for analysis, monitoring, and reporting purposes.  

Once you start the timer, a time entry will be automatically created in your Timeneye Dashboard.  

Any changes you make in Timeneye will be instantly reflected in Azure DevOps, always ensuring seamless synchronization between the two platforms. 

You can find the Timeneye time tracking controls in Boards, Backlog, and Sprints, allowing you to track and manage progress effectively.  

When you go back into the Timeneye dashboard, you'll be able to locate the time tracked with the integration easily: the time cards will show the tasks' names, as well as the Azure DevOps logo. 

azure_time entry detail-1

The Task section in Timeneye  

For a comprehensive view of all your tasks, make your way to our brand-new Tasks section.  

Access the Browser Extension segment to view all the tasks that you have been tracking time on using the browser widget, including the Azure DevOps tasks.  

azure_browser extension

All the time tracked in both platforms is stored in Timeneye, and available for productivity reports, project estimation, and payroll purposes.  

Lastly, when generating a report, you have the option to add a widget that provides a comprehensive overview of your tasks. This widget allows you to easily identify the team members involved, the duration of their work, and the financial value tied to each task. 

azure_entries widget

To see the integration in action, check out this tutorial:


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