Basecamp 3 integration

Linking your Basecamp 3 projects with your Timeneye account helps you track your to-dos, get comprehensive project stats, and create reports.

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Account integrations are natively developed to connect seamlessly with some of the best productivity tools. The Basecamp 3 account integration follows the same procedures as the Basecamp 2 integration.

In this article, you'll learn how to:

  • link your Basecamp 3 account to Timeneye;

  • link and import Basecamp 3 projects;

  • link and import your Basecamp 3 users;

  • register time on Basecamp 3 using to-dos comments.

Linking your Basecamp projects with your Timeneye account helps you track your to-dos, get comprehensive project stats and create customizable reports.

Linking your Basecamp 3 account to Timeneye

1) From the Integrations section of your account, go to the Basecamp 3 tab:

2) From here, you can see all the active and available integrations. Simply click on Link Basecamp 3 to this Account to start linking your Basecamp account to Timeneye. Please note that only Admins can link Basecamp 3 to your Timeneye account:

3) You will be asked to enter your Basecamp 3 credentials and to give Timeneye permissions to access your Basecamp data. Just allow permission and you'll be ready to start!

4) You can now start managing your new Basecamp integration from the Integration Wizard. With this useful tool importing/linking users and projects from Basecamp is straight-simple: just follow the guide.

Linking and importing Basecamp 3 projects to Timeneye

You can link your projects and become able to track time directly from Basecamp even after completing the Integration Wizard.

How to automatically import/link from Basecamp 3

First, you must link or import all your projects and users to Timeneye.

The first option would be to use the Auto-import and Auto-link options: all your projects will be automatically imported and linked to Timeneye. We recommend using this option when you mass import and link your projects simultaneously.

Every option triggers an Automation feature. To turn them on/off, simply click on the toggle. The options with no toggle are always active by default to guarantee a perfect sync between the platforms:

  • Import projects automatically: imports your Basecamp projects into your Timeneye Workspace;

  • Link projects automatically: links your Basecamp projects to the Timeneye ones with the same name;

  • Update projects information automatically: if you edit a project's name in Basecamp, it's updated in Timeneye, too:

  • Archive projects automatically: if you archive a project in Basecamp, it's archived in Timeneye, too. If you delete a project in Basecamp, it's archived in Timeneye, as we never delete projects by default;

  • Import members automatically: Import your Basecamp team members into your Timeneye Workspace. The team members invited this way will receive an invitation email to Timeneye.

  • Link members automatically: links your Basecamp team members to the Timeneye ones with the same name.

In the same Automation panel, you can turn off and on the notifications, too.

How to manually import/link projects

Otherwise, you can import/link your project and users manually one by one in the Manage section of the integration.

Remember to select the same project for Timeneye and Basecamp 3.

The project will be automatically added to your Linked Projects.

You can also import projects from Basecamp and add them to Timeneye by selecting Import.

The imported project will be automatically added to your existing projects in Timeneye - this means no time lost in switching from Timeneye to Basecamp to manage your projects and to-dos.

Linking and importing your Basecamp users

To experience a complete integration between Basecamp and Timeneye, you must link your Basecamp users with Timeneye.

By doing this, your users can track time without leaving Basecamp, just commenting on their to-dos with the time needed to complete them.

You can do it using the Automation features for team members (see above.

Alternatively, click on the Team members button in Manage. Select the Basecamp user you want to link from the drop-down menu, and be sure to match it with the equivalent user in Timeneye.

Is your Basecamp user new to Timeneye? No worries, select Import and click the Send welcome email box to add him/her to Timeneye.

Register time on Basecamp using comments

Timeneye allows you to register time directly from Basecamp, commenting on to-dos with the time spent on them. Registering time across multiple platforms has never been so simple:

1) Open a Basecamp to-do related to a project which is linked to Timeneye;

2) Enter a comment with the amount of time spent on that task (don't worry if you still need to complete the to-do, you can register more time later by adding more comments). Formats accepted are, for example, "1h15" or "75min" (see more at the end of this article).

3) That's it! Once the comment is added, Timeneye will need just a few minutes to process it and register the time you entered into the appropriate project and task.

Supported time formats in Basecamp comments:

  • 5h20

  • 5hr20

  • 5h20min

  • 5h20m

  • 320min

Adding a little Timeneye button inside Basecamp 3

This feature is currently provided by our Timeneye Widget for Google Chrome, the Timeneye Widget for Firefox, and the Timeneye Widget for Microsoft Edge. It adds a little button to start timers inside Basecamp.

You can download and install the Timeneye widget for:

Once you've installed the Widget, access your Basecamp account: click on the little Timeneye clock icon next to the task name to register time.

PRO tip:

Every completed to-do will be displayed as a suggested entry on Timeneye's dashboard, allowing you to manually input the time spent on it or simply ignore it. This way, it's almost impossible to forget to track time!
Completed to-dos are synced to Timeneye every 5/10 minutes.

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