ClickUp integration

You can connect your Timeneye account to ClickUp and track time on your tasks without leaving ClickUp.

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What you need to track time inside ClickUp:

  • Connect your ClickUp account to Timeneye;

  • Import/Link your ClickUp projects and users;

  • Install the Timeneye Browser Widget to track time inside ClickUp.

How to connect your ClickUp account to Timeneye

Inside the Integration section of the account, admins/owners can link a ClickUp account to a Timeneye workspace:

1) Go to Configuration and select Link ClickUp to [your workspace name] ;

2) You'll be asked to select the ClickUp team to connect to Timeneye. Click Connect 1 team and proceed;

3) In Timeneye, select the ClickUp team you want to connect. That's it! You can now import/link your ClickUp project to Timeneye.

How to import/link your ClickUp projects

To experience a full integration, you should import your ClickUp projects or link them to your Timeneye ones.

You can do it by using the Automation options for ClickUp:

Every option triggers an Automation feature. To turn them on/off, simply click on the toggle. The options with no toggle are always active by default to guarantee a perfect sync between the platforms:

  • Import projects automatically: imports your ClickUp projects into your Timeneye Workspace;

  • Link projects automatically: links your ClickUp projects to the Timeneye ones with the same name;

  • Update projects information automatically: if you edit a project's name in ClickUp, it's updated in Timeneye, too:

  • Archive projects automatically: if you archive a project in ClickUp, it's archived in Timeneye, too. If you delete a project in ClickUp, it's archived in Timeneye as we never delete projects by default.

In the same Automation panel, you can also turn off and on the notifications.

How to track time for your ClickUp tasks

To track time inside ClickUp, you'll have to download and install the Timeneye Browser Widget:

The Widget adds a little Timeneye button on your browser.

Inside ClickUp, the Widget adds a little Clock icon next to your tasks:

Click on the little clock to open a Timeneye Register Time dialog. You can enter the time spent manually or start/ stop a timer there. You can select the ClickUp projects you have previously imported/linked when you track time.

When you click on a task to expand its details, you'll see a little recap of all the timers/time entries registered with Timeneye:

On your Timeneye dashboard, you'll be able to recognize your entries tracked with the integration as they're marked with the ClickUp icon and the name of the task in the "integration info" field.

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