How to deploy Timeneye in your company using Microsoft Teams

In this article, you will learn how to pin your Timeneye app in the MS Teams sidebar for you and your team.

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Written by Sara FoschiniLast update 2 months ago

Your team members will see the Timeneye integration appear on their sidebar, and they will be able to log in directly. This way, you can deploy the time-tracking tool in your company seamlessly.

This task is specific for a Manager or IT Administrator.

Open the Microsoft Teams admin center

From inside your Microsoft Teams admin center, go to the Teams apps section and look for Setup policies. Then, move to the management policy admin panel and select Global (Org-wide default) policy to customize it.

Add Timeneye to your pinned apps

In the section called Pinned Apps, you will see the list of the existing app pinned to the MS Teams sidebar (such as Activity, Chat, Teams, Calendar, etc.). All these existing apps are visible to people assigned to this policy.

To add the Timeneye app, click on + Add apps and look for Timeneye in the search bar that will appear from the right side of the screen.

Once selected, the Timeneye app will appear at the bottom of the list. You can always rearrange the pinned apps in the order you want them to appear.

Now, if you move back to your MS Teams app, you will see the Timeneye app appearing on the menu in your chosen position.

In our experience, this process might take a while, so don’t worry if you don’t see Timeneye pinned to the sidebar immediately. Sometimes it helps to restart MS Teams.

If you are already logged in to Timeneye, you will be presented with your dashboard. Otherwise, you need to log in first.

All the team members will see the Timeneye app show up on their MS Teams sidebar, and they will be able to log in with their Microsoft credentials.

Easy, right? This way, the org-wide deployment is smooth and painless, and your colleagues will have a shortcut to track time without leaving Microsoft Teams.


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