Microsoft To Do Integration

This article will show you how to seamlessly track time for your Microsoft To Do tasks, with the native integration + the Timeneye Browser Widget

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Written by Sara FoschiniLast update 3 months ago

Step 1) Link Microsoft To Do to your user

To get started with integrating Microsoft To Do with Timeneye, you need to connect your Microsoft To Do account. This will allow you to seamlessly manage your tasks and track your time.

From the Integrations section of the Workspace, look for Microsoft To Do and click "+ Connect".


In the integration setup page, click the green button to connect your Microsoft To Do account to Timeneye. 


Step 2) Download and install the Timeneye Browser widget

Next, download and install the Timeneye Browser Widget and add it to your browser. It's available for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

We recommend pinning the Timeneye Widget to your favorite extensions, for quick access.

Step 3) Track time for your Microsft To Do Tasks

Now that you've connected the accounts and installed the widget, you can track the time for your Microsoft To Do task. There are two ways you can do that:

- In Timeneye

When you connected your Microsoft To Do account to Timeneye, our platform imported your task from Microsft To Do into the workspace. As a result, in the Tasks section of the workspace, you'll see all your MS To Do tasks. Click on the play icon to track time.


For quicker access to your tasks, make sure to also activate the Timeneye sidebar on the dashboard, where you'll see recaps of the time tracked across projects, but also for the individual tasks:


- In Microsoft To Do

If you prefer to track your time without having to leave Microsoft To Do, this is where the Timeneye Browser Widget comes in handy.

The Timeneye browser widget adds a small Timeneye panel inside your MS To Do tasks:

timeneye ms to do time tracking

Simply click the blue + button to open the Register Time dialog and track time on your task. Once you start the timer or save a time entry, you'll immediately see the time reflected on the Timeneye dashboard. 

Any changes you make in Timeneye will be instantly displayed in MS To Do (and vice-versa), ensuring seamless synchronization and up-to-date time reports. 

The tasks section 

To get a complete overview of all your tasks, head to our brand-new Tasks section. Go to My tasks > Tasks. Here, you can effortlessly import all your tasks from MS To Do with just one click and keep track of your progress status, deadlines, and priority, maximizing your productivity. 

You have the flexibility to customize your table by clicking on the gear icon and selecting the items you want to display. You can also arrange the columns by clicking the arrow next to each title. 

To start tracking time on your task, simply click on the blue "add time" button to open the Register Time dialog. 

If you need to edit a task, simply click on the task's name and you'll be able to modify it. Any changes you make will be immediately reflected in MS To Do. Likewise, if you edit a task in MS To Do, Timeneye will automatically update. If you don't see the changes in Timeneye right away, you can manually sync the data by clicking on the MS To Do button and selecting "sync data".

Once you have completed a task, you can indicate its completion by checking the circle in front of the task name.

MS To Do_task section

Additionally, Timeneye will also import your Flagged emails and Lists from MS To Do, including all their sub-tasks. 

Alternatively, to add a new task directly on Timeneye, click the "+ create new task" button and fill in the required information in the dialog. 

To make your life even more convenient, you can find all your tasks in the dashboard sidebar under the My Tasks tab. This way, you can easily keep track of your daily to-dos and populate your dashboard. 

MS To Do sidebar

Reporting on your Microsoft To Do Tasks

Whether you choose to track your time on Timeneye or directly on MS To Do using the browser widget, rest assured that all your time entries will be securely stored in your workspace. This means that you can access them anytime for reporting and analysis purposes.

When generating a report, you will have the opportunity to include a widget that offers a detailed overview of your tasks. This widget enables you to effortlessly identify the team members involved, the duration of their work, and the monetary value associated with each task.

MS To Do entries reports

To see the integration in action, check out this video tutorial:

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