Legacy plans: how to switch from Business to PRO

If you’re on our old Business plans, this article will teach you how to switch to the PRO plan.

Stefania Rossi
Written by Stefania RossiLast update 2 months ago

Our old business plan followed a tiered system. We had different, increasing plans according to the team’s size.

This meant that users who wanted to add more members had to keep an eye on the user count because they could end up in the bigger tier with unused empty slots they didn't need.

We realized that this system needs to be more flexible for users: many needed to increase or decrease their team size easily.

This is why we created the PRO plan that is calculated based on the users per month, and that’s it.

The upside of the new plan is that users will pay for the active users only, with no empty, unused slots, and won’t have to worry about increasing tiers.

The PRO plan also has additional features compared to the Business plan.

How to start a PRO plan trial

Before they commit to the new plan, we'd like to allow our users to try the PRO plan. Only workspace Owners on an active Business subscription will have the possibility to start the PRO trial and manage the subscription:

  • Go to Management>Plan&Billing:

  • Start your PRO trial.

Go to Management>Plan&Billing:

Start your PRO trial.

How to switch to the PRO plans after the trial

During the trial, you can test the PRO features. If you don’t upgrade, you return to the Business plan when the trial ends.

If you decide to upgrade, you can do it directly from the green button provided called Preview Costs and switch to PRO.

In the Preview Costs, you will see the difference from what you're currently paying compared to the PRO plan. We want to be extremely transparent with our users and let them know what the switch means:

When you're ready, click the button to Switch to PRO.

Please note:

Once you switch from a Business to a PRO, it's impossible to return to the Business plan.

What if your Business subscription has not expired yet?

If you have an active Business subscription, the time you won't be able to use on that Business subscription because you switch to PRO will be calculated as credit and subtracted from your invoice.

Have a question? Need assistance? Still trying to decide whether to switch or not?

Please reach out to us at support@timeneye.com, we'll answer all your questions, and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

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