Managing phases

Would you like to be perfectly on time and check each step of your project? Here is how to manage your project phases!

Stefania Rossi
Written by Stefania RossiLast update 2 months ago

Edit the phases, and it is available for Admins/Owners.

From inside the Project detail page, click the Edit button in the top right corner.

Edit Phases

Select the Phases tab; you'll see a complete list of all the phases you have created for the current Project.

Here are the elements you can edit on this page:

  • the Active checkbox to see what phases are still active;

  • the Name and Category column;

  • the Budget (in hours)

    Whenever you make a change, please remember to save it; otherwise, your changes won't be applied.

    If you want to create a new phase for the current project, just click on Add new, and a new line will appear at the top of the table.

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