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Learn how to efficiently create, manage, and track tasks directly in Timeneye.

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In addition to tracking time for your projects and phases in Timeneye, you can also effectively create, manage, and track time for the tasks within your projects. This Task management feature helps you stay organized, and ensures that the team stays on track with their assigned tasks.

Timeneye offers a light project management feature, that could be used stand-alone, but it is more effective when integrating Timeneye with your existing tasks in MS To Do and MS Planner. Check out the corresponding articles for more information:

How to set up the task management feature for your workspace

When landing on your Timeneye dashboard for the first time, you should find the Tasks section already enabled and present in your sidebar. If you're an Owner or an Admin, you have the ability to manage this feature:

  1. Go to Management > Workspace settings;

  2. In the Features tab, find the Project Management switch and turn it on (or off);

  3. Save your changes

Task_project management feature

Turning on the feature will activate a new Tasks section in the Main menu on the left.

Thanks to the Tasks section you'll be able to:

  • Create and manage tasks for your projects;

  • Import and track time on tasks from Microsoft To Do and MS Planner;

  • Track time on tasks created on other software using the Timeneye Browser widget

How to create and manage your Tasks in a Project

If you've already set up projects in your workspace or imported them from MS Planner, you have the option to enhance project tracking by adding a tasks tab to the project detail page. Here's how:

  1. Navigate to any project in your workspace.

  2. Click on the Edit button.

  3. In the Project info tab, locate the Task management switch and toggle it on.

  4. Save your changes.

timeneye task management feature

Now, you'll notice a new tab labeled Tasks. Here, you can easily switch between list and board views.

Tasks tab in project page

Upon creating your initial tasks, the Kanban-style board will display default columns such as Backlog, Up next, In Progress, Blocked, and Completed. If you imported projects from MS Planner, the columns will reflect the bucket names.

To customize column names, add new columns, or remove existing ones, simply click on the three little dots. To create a new task, click on the blue "+" button or Create New Task.

Create new task

By clicking on an individual task, you can edit it and add other details such as:

  • assigned users;

  • status (done, to do, in progress);

  • priority;

  • start and due date;

  • tags and notes.

Task details

Drag and drop tasks across the boards to the different lists. To complete a task, either move its status to "Done", or click the little round button next to the task's name.

How to track time for your tasks

Head over to the Tasks tab in your project, where you'll find a button labeled "Add time." From there, you can manually input the time spent or even kick off a timer.

Alternatively, you can utilize the Register time button. Simply select the project and phase from the Register time dialog. If you've already created tasks for that project, you'll be able to pick your specific task from the menu and accurately log the time spent on it.

Task register time 2

The Tasks section

Within the My Tasks section, you will find three convenient options to manage your tasks effectively and track time on them:

- Tasks: An overview of all your personal tasks, whether created directly on Timeneye or imported from your MS To Do account.

- Assigned to me: A comprehensive list of tasks assigned to you within the Timeneye workspace or in MS Planner.

- Browser extension: A summary of tasks where you have tracked time in other software using the Timeneye Browser Widget.

Below these sections, you will see a list of all Projects with the tasks feature enabled, which may include projects from both Timeneye and MS Planner.

Tasks sections parts

The Tasks sidebar

On the right side of your Dashboard, you can find a convenient sidebar on the right side of your Dashboard, where all your tasks are neatly organized for easy access.

This sidebar is split into two tabs: Insights, offering visual summaries of your projects, and Tasks. Within the Tasks tab, you'll find a dropdown menu allowing you to effortlessly switch between tasks Assigned to you and your personal Tasks. If you connected Timeneye with MS To Do and MS Planner during onboarding, your sidebar should already be populated with tasks. If not, you'll find a prompt in each section inviting you to integrate with your preferred Microsoft software.

Tasks sidebar

Reporting on tasks

Lastly, when generating a report, you have the option to add a widget that provides a comprehensive overview of your tasks. This widget allows you to easily identify the team members involved, the duration of their work, and the financial value tied to each task.

Tasks report

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