Billable hours report

Monitoring your profitability is easy: Timeneye shows you exactly how much you’ve earned in each project and how much is due.

Stefania Rossi
Written by Stefania RossiLast update 2 months ago

Those who bill by the hour know how painfully necessary it is to ensure time is paid what it deserves. In Timeneye, you can set billable rates and mark your hours as billed or unbilled.

You can recognize billable projects on the Project details page from the green money icon next to the Project name.

In the Overview, just below, you will have a recap of the Billed and Unbilled time and the same amount translated into US dollars.

billable hrs report

You can also run a Billable hours report to check the progression of how much you’ve already billed and how much you still have to include in your client’s invoice.

You can run a report for multiple projects at a time.

Make sure you set the suitable filters according to what you would like to visualize.

report filters

PRO tip:

Click on the amounts under the Billed or Billable columns to open the Entries log to edit the entries.


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