How to schedule reports

You can schedule a report and receive it regularly in your inbox.

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How to schedule your favorite report

You can schedule any saved report and deliver it automatically to your inbox.

  • First of all, run a report with the filters you desire;

  • Click the automation icon (a blue clock in the top right corner) that will allow you to schedule the report;

schedule report-2

  • Select the frequency you want the report to be delivered to you:

    • Daily

    • Weekly

    • Monthly

  • After selecting the frequency, you can also chose who will start receiving the report:

    • Only me (default option)

    • Me & Others: in this case, you ca select up to 10 people who will receive the report along with you, inside or outside your organisation

  • Once you’ve done it, don’t forget to save it.

    The clock icon will turn green if the report has been scheduled successfully.


To have an overview of all the reports you have scheduled, you have to go back to the initial Reports page, and you will find them, just below the report templates, in a section called "Recent reports."

Once you’ve scheduled your report, you’ll receive it directly in your inbox:

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