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Regularly run reports on your ongoing projects to see their status in real-time and monitor profitability.

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The Projects Report allows you to run complete project-based reports filtering by project and timeframe. This is the right report if you are looking to have a complete overview of a single project.

If you are on the Project detail page and want to run a report on that current project, you can simply click the Report green button in the top right corner.

report from project

The Overview Section

In the Overview section, you'll see the time-track progression. You can switch from Effort to Progress:

effort & progress

The project time entries

Here you’ll see a list of time entries tracked, already sorted according to the filters you selected for the project.

The widget system

Our reports are completely customizable to provide total flexibility in your data visualization. You can build your report by adding or deleting widgets as you like.

You can choose between 3 layouts in each widget: table, area graph, or pie chart.

The Members' effort overview

The Member's widget shows the progression of the total time tracked by your team members assigned to the project. No matter which layout you select, you can switch between a general overview of the effort by the department (Group) or a breakdown by a user.

Screenshot 2023-06-20 at 12.11 1

Phases and Phase Categories Recap

The Phase categories section gives you a visual idea of where the hours of the project have been allocated and will help you check the time tracked across departments.

The Phases chart will show you where the hours have been allocated to the phases you selected. This way, you'll control every step of your project.

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