Exporting a list of time entries

This article will teach you how to export your time entries as PDF or CVS files.

Stefania Rossi
Written by Stefania RossiLast update 2 months ago

The Entries list is the best place to keep an eye on all the time entries you (or your team) have tracked. You can also export a list of the time entries to PDF or CSV from the reporting section.

If you have to regularly export a file with a list of the activities you have tracked with Timeneye, we recommend doing it from a report:

  • Create a new report (or open an existing one);

  • Add an Entry widget by clicking on the grey Plus button;

  • Modify the content you want to visualize from the gear;

  • When the report is completed, export it by clicking the Export button in the top right corner.

Report entries_short version

This is what the export looks like in CSV...

... and in PDF.

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