Setting up Groups

Organize your users in Groups for more efficient Team management and clear reports.

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Groups management

In Timeneye, you can organize your team by setting up Groups to mimic your company architecture.
In this way, when you run a report, you can have an overview of your team activity and the breakdown of each department and individual user.

For our team accounts, it's possible to create groups for your team members.
You can create a Group from the Team management section of the workspace by clicking on the Group button in the top right corner.

Important note: a user can only belong to one Group at a time.

Group Managers

Group Managers can create projects and perform management functions, but only for the groups, they're managers of. They cannot set up integrations (only Admins and Owners can do that), but they can refresh the authorization of a linked integration if necessary. A Group Manager can also run reports on a specific user of the group or a project the group is working on.

You can assign one or more group managers for the group by clicking on the "Group" button located in the top right corner of the Team page. This will open a dialog box. If you have already created some groups, hover over the name of the group (not the team member) and you will notice a small pencil icon. Click on it to access the Members tab, where you can check the box next to the team member you would like to appoint as the Group manager.

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