How to bill a Fixed fee project

Learn how to keep track of your earnings for your Fixed fee projects, and not invoices in Timeneye

Stefania Rossi
Written by Stefania RossiLast update 7 days ago

Fixed fee projects are not considered billable in Timeneye, meaning that you cannot mark the individual entries as billed, as you'd do with a Time&Material project with an hourly rate.

However, you can note the amounts of the individual invoices that you receive from your clients when you get paid.

Please note: this option simply lets you manually note the individual amounts that you receive from your clients. At the moment it's not possible to create and send invoices in Timeneye.

(Would you like to see us develop an invoicing feature? Let us know!)

Where to monitor the Monetary Budget of a Fixed fee projects

Once you've set your monetary budget for a Fixed fee project, you can track it on the Project Status page:

How to bill a Fixed fee project

If you work with Fixed fee projects, you can keep track of your earnings (and the money you earn from that project) by noting the invoices and their amounts, by clicking the pencil icons. The progress bar will update as you save the invoices:

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