How to track time in Timeneye

Do you want to monitor your project life cycle and your team members' work? Let's see how to start tracking time with Timeneye!

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The heart of our time tracking features lies in the Register Time dialog. You can easily access it from the blue sidebar by clicking the +Register Time button or by hovering over your dashboard calendar and selecting the +Add Time button on the day you want to add time.   

In Timeneye, there are two ways to track time:   

  1. Starting a timer: Begin the timer when you start working on a project or task, and let it run in the background as you work. This method is perfect if you know when you start a task but are unsure of the end time. 

  2. Manually entering the time: Enter the exact amount of time you worked, such as 2 hours. This approach works best when you already know the expected duration of a task (for example, a scheduled meeting) or when you have completed the task and want to enter the time.

Starting a timer

To get started, open the Register time dialog and make sure to select a project and a phase as these fields are required.  

By simply clicking on the Start Timer button, an active timer will automatically appear in your calendar. You'll easily spot it with the green blinking light and the watch icon on the entry card.  

start timer

This feature allows the timer to run in the background while you concentrate on your work. Whenever you need a break, just hit the "pause" button and you can easily resume your timer later.   

If you ever need to make changes to your timer, you have two options: you can either drag the corner of the card to the desired duration, or you can click on the pencil icon and manually edit the time. To delete a timer, simply click on the downward arrow next to the pencil icon and select ā€œdeleteā€.  

entry card

If you have imported your projects from MS Planner, you could also select the specific task you would like to track time on.  

task in register time

Important note: save all your pending timers so that the data is included in your reports and entries log. 

After saving your time entry, you could effortlessly move it to any other day with a simple drag and drop, giving you complete control over your schedule. 

Entering the time manually

Alternatively, in Timeneye, you have the option to manually input the duration of your work. For instance, if you prefer to complete your timesheets at the end of the day, week, or month, this method is ideal for you. 

Open the Register Time dialog select the project and phase as usual, and enter the exact amount of time you worked, such as 1 hour, for example. 

save as an entry

You will notice a time entry instantly appearing on your dashboard.  

Editing, moving, or deleting the time entry is just as simple, following the same instructions as before. 

Tracking time for others

If you are an Admin or Owner in the workspace, you can record time for other users. However, to access this feature, you need to activate it in the workspace settings

register time for other users_settings 

Once activated, simply click on the dropdown arrow next to the user's name in the Register Time dialog and select the specific user you want to track time for. 

register time for other users

Track time on your tasks

If you're tackling a major project, it's crucial to break it down into smaller, manageable tasks and keep track of the time spent on each one. You can easily access your tasks from the project detail page. In this case, simply click on the blue "add time button" to open the Register Time dialog. 

track time on project task

For a comprehensive overview of all your tasks, head over to our  Tasks section. Here, you can effortlessly track time on tasks imported from MS To Do and MS Planner

track time on tasks section

You can find the same tasks conveniently located in the dashboard sidebar. This shortcut allows you to easily keep an eye on your to-do list and track time on your tasks. 

tasks sidebar

If you have connected Timeneye with MS Planner or MS To Do in the past, any time you input in Timeneye will be immediately shown in the corresponding platform, guaranteeing seamless synchronization at all times. 

Track time with the Timeneye widget

Lastly, add the Timeneye widget to your browser for effortless time tracking in Microsoft tools, web, and other apps.  

Here is how to install the Timeneye Browser widget correctly: 

  1. Go to the integrations section and select the software you would like to integrate Timeneye with;

  2. Next, install the appropriate widget for your browser;

    browser widget

  3. Before proceeding further, I highly recommend pinning the Timeneye widget to your browser extensions;

  4. Now, log in to the app through the Timeneye browser widget;
    login with browser widget

  5. At this stage, time tracking controls will appear next to each task. If not, refresh the page.  

  6. To track time on your task, simply click the blue button to open the Register Time dialog. 

time tracking controls in planner

Once you start the timer, the time will be immediately reflected on the Timeneye dashboard. 

Any changes you make in Timeneye will be instantly displayed in the integrated platform, ensuring seamless synchronization and up-to-date time reports. 

To see this feature in action, check out this video tutorial:


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